Report a possible defect

You will be contacted and agreed on a survey within 5 working days

Defects detected at the facility will be rectified at the agreed time

In connection with the declared state of emergency in the country, Nordic Homes temporarily suspends all inspection and warranty works of the objects until the amendment to the law set by the Cabinet of Ministers or the state of emergency in the Republic of Latvia is lifted.

Defective situation applications are accepted by filling in the DEFECT SUBMISSION FORM and sending it to the e-mail service@nordichomes.lv.


Nordic Homes, in cooperation with cooperation partners, provides warranty service for its buildings. You will find the exact warranty period in your agreement.

  1. Action in case of a possible defect: First of all, Nordic Homes must be notified of the possible defect by filling in an application for the identified possible defects (application form below). In case of emergency, please call +371 2619 0613.

  2. Within five working days from the receipt of the application, we will contact you and, if necessary, coordinate the inspection times of the object. If you have not received a reply within five working days, please call +371 2619 0613.

  3. Nordic Homes or its authorized persons will arrive at the site at an agreed time and draw up a site inspection report, recording possible defects and determining the time when you will receive a notification about the site inspection results.

  4. Defects detected  will be rectified at a time agreed by the parties.

  5. After the elimination of defects, a deed will be drawn up and signed by the parties on site.



Office and factory address

Celtnieku Street 36, Āne, Cenu Parish,
Ozolnieku novads, LV - 3043

Contact information

Phone: +371 6666 3041, +371 2619 0613
E-mail: info@nordichomes.lv


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