Customer construction idea

Our professional wooden construction solution

Fixed price and quality production

End product based on experience, produced in a controlled environment



Fully completed technical and visual solution

Each implemented project is provided with a full package of design technology, including building construction and production design, building stability and durability calculations under wind loads, energy efficiency, structural static calculations, acoustic parameters and building air permeability modeling, as well as full engineering communications development.

Energy efficiency

Nordic Homes house construction technology corresponds to the most modern achievements in energy efficiency, the thickness of the thermal insulation layer ensures high heat resistance.

Environment protection

By choosing wood as the main building material, including timber frame modules, the effect is achieved by: reduction of emissions or CO2 emissions, reduction of waste on the construction site, reduction of the amount of energy required to ensure the construction process.

Controlled microclimate

Production is not affected by external weather conditions - air temperature fluctuations and precipitation. Indoor production allows materials to be protected from the external environment, thus ensuring the geometric accuracy and high quality of the modules.

Fixed production costs

Modular construction allows you to control production costs. When starting the planning of the object, the cost estimate is coordinated and approved and all the construction materials necessary for the manufacturing of the project are ordered.

Time saving

Wooden frame constructions are manufactured in the factory and then quickly assembled on site, saving time from 30% to 50% compared to other types of construction.