Residential projects aimed at delivering energy efficient and sustainable homes to final users. Delivered in panel and modular technology based on the experience of 20+ multi-storey building`s and more than 150 detach homes and row houses manufactured and assembled in UK, Sweden, Faroe islands and Latvia.

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Hoor, Sweden

5 and 4 storey high two residential buildings

consisting of 76 modules, GBA 3`323 sqm, 43 apartments.

Climate shell U-value of the building: 0.35 W / sqm, ° C Building has a primary energy use of 46 kWh / sqm

Completed in 2022 


Hoganas, Sweden

Five 3 storey buildings

consisting of 94 modules, GBA 4`100 sqm, 56 apartments. 

Completed in 2021

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Trelleborg, Sweden

One 4 storey high building

consisting of 40 modules, GBA 1`740 sqm, 23 apartments.

Climate shell U-value of the building: 0.35 W / sqm, ° C Building has a primary energy use of 42 kWh / sqm  

Completed in 2022


Battersee, UK

One 6 storey building

consisting of 95 modules, GBA 2`900 sqm,

38 luxury apartments.

Completed in 2014

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Hoganas&Rydibeck, Sweden

Two projects of 24 and 26 two-storey row houses

consisting of 106 modules, GBA 2`600 + 2`400 sqm.

Project completed in 2017 & 2018


Tornshavn, Faroe islands

Two 4-storey buildings,

21 apartments + 15 apartments

consisting of 70 modules, GBA 1`635+ 1`076 sqm.

Buildings has a primary energy use of 31 kWh/sqm 

Completion in 2019 & 2020

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Horsham, UK

8 residential buildings in panel technology,
GBA 1`300 sqm.

Completed in 2012


Ascot, UK

one 3-storey building 

consisting of 44 modules, GBA 1`530 sqm,

12 apartments.

Completed in 2014

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Borlange, Sweden

Three 3 storey high buildings

consisting of 96 modules, GBA 3`961 sqm, 58 apartments.

Climate shell U-value of the building: 0.40 W /sqm, ° C Building has a primary energy use of 45.0 kWh /sqm 

First building finished in 2022


Tornshavn, Faroe Islands

One 4-storey building 

consisting of 27 modules, 16 apartments, GBA 1`431 sqm.

Building has a primary energy use of 31 kWh / sqm

Completion in 2021

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High focus on boutique one of a kind hotel projects, delivered with high finishing quality, based on the experience taken from residential and student accommodation projects in Sweden, UK and Faroe islands. With latest project in process of manufacturing a five star hotel for Icelandic market.


Hofdi lodge, Iceland

A luxury five star hotel consisting of 52 modules and more than 10`000 sqm of panels. Delivered connecting concreate and steel structures with timber frame modules and panels.



Staff accomdation, Iceland

Staff accommodation for hotel administration consisting of 27 modules, 20 units, GBA 804 sqm.

Completed in 2022


SPA hotel bungalows, Latvia

7 detached luxury bungalows for SPA complex

Consisting of 28 modules, GBA 1`610 sqm

Completed in 2016 & 2018

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Student accomodation

Experience of delivering 10 student accommodation projects in both panel and module technology in UK market, gives Nordic Homes a unique know how that can be implemented in other countries as well as delivering hotel and residential projects, with high focus on efficient layouts.


Liverpool, UK

Three building blocks 5, 7, 9 storey high

consisting of 309 modules, 339 student apartments,

GBA 7`515 sqm.

Completed in 2015

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Three building blocks 2, 3 and 4 storey high

consisting of 61 modules, 53 student apartments, GBA 1`556 sqm.

Completed in 2016


Plymouth, UK

One 6 storey high building

consisting of 95 modules, 89 student apartments

GBA 2 600 sqm.

Completed in 2012

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Herne Hill, UK

One 4 storey building

consisting of 74 modules, 69 student apartments,

GBA 1`515 sqm.

Completed in 2012


Tiny house

Tiny house is a well established way to increase your business rental revenues in fast and high quality way. These one module=one house buildings are delivered with the same precision and quality as our multi-storey buildings.


Tiny house, Latvia

Spacious Tiny House concept, with large windows offering unobstructed views of the surrounding area. 

High quality and sustainable materials are used qualifying this project for Nordic Swan Ecolabel. 

33.8 sqm of NLA

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Tree house, UK

The Treehouse pods are built with high-tech - low-waste manufacturing processes, with a unique patented design.


Pods can be combined according to the specifics of location, climate, surroundings and occupancy.

22.3 sqm of NLA


ECO Cabin, Netherland

The large windows with sliding doors at the front of the house give the house an enormous spacious feeling.


96  sqm of NLA - 48 sqm in each separate unit on first and second floor.