Raising an alarm

As of May 1, 2019, the Law on Raising Alarms enters into force, the aim of which is to strengthen the protection of whistleblowers in Latvia and to promote raising of alarm in the public interest for various violations.

Anyone can raise an alarm using one of the following alert mechanisms:

  • internal (Nordic Homes alarm system)

  • application to the competent authority

  • external (via the alert point (State Chancellery) or an association or foundation, including a trade union or an association thereof).

An alert may also be raised by providing information to the public if, for objective reasons, it is not possible to use alert mechanisms or the breach identified in the whistleblower's report is not remedied for a long time without objective reason. The non-recognition of a person's application as an alarm report and the non-examination on the merits shall not be considered an objective reason. If the alert is raised in public, information containing undisclosed information specified in regulatory enactments is not provided and the general data protection requirements are complied with.

SIA "Nordic Homes" has developed an internal alarm system, which is available here .

The whistleblower can contact Nordic Homes (this can also be done anonymously):

  • handing over the report to the Chief Accountant of Nordic Homes in person;

  • by sending a letter to the Chief Accountant of Nordic Homes stating that it contains restricted information (the mailbox is located on the ground floor of the Nordic Homes office building);

  • by sending an e-mail - nataliia.rinkmane@nordichomes.lv

If the Report of the Whistleblower is related to the persons appointed by Nordic Homes to review the report (Nordic Homes Chief Accountant), the Report of the Whistleblower should be addressed to the Nordic Homes office administrator, who takes over the responsibilities of the Chief Accountant of Nordic Homes. email to baiba.jankova@nordichomes.lv ).