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Boutique Hospitality

Experience a "one-stop shop" for your hospitality developments - from the design on napkin till fully furnished rooms on site. Opening your hotel at least 30% sooner then with on-site built project. We have delivering 15+ student & staff accommodation and hotel projects in UK, Iceland, Germany and Latvia.


We take care of your end customer needs from the day one, focusing on high quality/sustainable materials, sound insulation, energy efficiencies and quick delivery time.


What we really excel in,  is delivering unique, one-of-a kind buildings to spectacular locations!

Hofdi Lodge - Grenivik, Iceland

This 5* hotel project located near a small city Grenivík in Iceland is the best luxury adventures retreat in Iceland. Located in the seismic zone 5 and overlooking a fjord is a combination of concrete, steel and timber technologies.


We delivered 54 timber frame modular, prefabricated hotel rooms (44 rooms) as well as over 6`000 sqm of prefabricated timber and mass timber elements to fill in the steel and concrete structures creating a hybrid building.


The interior design was created and sourced in Latvia, with a requirement of high level of quality and designed in such a manner that most of the works can be performed prior to the shipping and assembly of the building. 

Student accomodation - Liverpool, UK

A quick deployment example of student accommodation building for UK market. Our 7`515 sqm leasable area project consisting of three buildings 5, 7 and 9 floor height, in Liverpool consisting of 339 student rooms, was manufactured and assembled meeting the client short deadlines in order to open it up in August of 2015, just before the start of the school year. 

The project focuses on the highly efficient layouts and easy to use principle for everyday living and studying. 

The project received the 1st palace in Latvian construction award in 2015.

Seminar house  - Schlangenbad, Germany

A small scale boutique seminar house in Germany, focused on delivering mid-level product to the clients participating in yoga, meditation and similar seminars in the main house.  


We delivered in 2023 - 14 modules with 28 hotel rooms, including the furniture, wall art and other decors - all sourced in Latvia at sustainable pricing and most custom made to fit the clients requirements. 

AirBnb hotel renovation - Tating, Germany

A renovation of an old school house from 1865 compliant with KFW-40 and QNG subsidies program under Germany law and also the first ever renovation of a house using prefabricated modules. 

Currently in assembly a 15 module renovation projects will consist of 3 floors, 16 rentable units. Using the extensive knowledge of student accommodation projects the layouts where developed to fit into the old walls of the school house and in the same to have a good fit for rental units - high quality materials and sound insulation between the units is key to good reviews from the end customers.


Other reference projects

1. Student accommodation in Southampton, UK. 2,3 and 4 floor buildings, 50 student apartments, 1`330 sqm of leasable area. Compleated in 2016

2.Student accommodation in Herne Hill, UK. 4 floor building, 69 student apartments, 1`515 sqm of leasable area. Completed in 2012

3. Student accommodation in Plymouth, UK. 6 floor building, 89 student apartments, 2`600 sqm of leasable area. Completed in 2012

4. Hotel extension in Aizpute, Latvia, 1 floor buildings, 7 houses, 1`260 sqm of leasable area. Completed in 2016 and 2018.

5. Staff accommodation in Grinivik, Iceland. 1 floor 5 buildings, 29 rooms and common area. Completed in 2022.