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Completion of the final apartment Building in Borlange, Sweden

We're excited to share the news that we've successfully completed the last of our three apartment buildings in Borlange, Sweden. Together, these buildings offer a total of 58 apartments and cover a Gross Building Area of 3,961 square meters.

Climate Shell U-value, which is 0.29 W/sqm, is a proof of the home's exceptional insulation. This value reflects the building's ability to effectively retain heat during the colder months and maintain a cool, pleasant atmosphere when temperatures rise.

What truly sets these homes apart is their remarkably low primary energy use, which stands at just 45.5 kWh/sqm. This value signifies the amount of energy required to power, heat, and cool the homes per square meter of space. By keeping this value so impressively low, not only are these homes environmentally friendly, but they are also budget-friendly for a homeowner.

At the core of our project's success is the innovative use of timber frame modular construction, seamlessly combining eco-consciousness, efficiency, durability, and comfort to deliver a modern and sustainable living experience.

  • Eco-Consciousness: Timber is a renewable resource, reducing our environmental impact while sequestering carbon;

  • Efficiency: Timber frame modular construction is highly efficient, reducing waste and construction time;

  • Durability: These apartments are built to last, reducing maintenance and enhancing residents' quality of life;

  • Comfort: Timber's natural insulation properties provide warmth and soundproofing, ensuring a cozy living space.

Kaspars Šenvalds, CEO, Nordic Homes

"We're excited about the results and are looking forward to working with KlaraBo on more projects. Together, we want to keep making sustainable and energy-efficient homes for the future. Our promise to deliver great homes that go above and beyond our client's expectations is as strong as ever."



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