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Hand over of an apartment building in Trelleborg!

Updated: May 10, 2023

We are proud to announce the completion of our latest apartment building project in Trelleborg! This four-story residential building with an area of 1,740 m² consists of 40 modules and contains 23 apartments and a CLT lift shaft delivered by us.

Kaspars Šenvalds, CEO, Nordic Homes: "We designed and manufactured the building with our knowledge of effective off-site modular production principles, sustainability and energy efficiency in mind. We are pleased with the result and look forward to continuing our partnership with KlaraBo."

Marcel Lorentzon, Project manager at KlaraBo Sverige AB : “We are very happy with the product Nordic Homes has supplied us with. With their efficient manufacturing and solution-oriented way of working the Nordic Homes team has been adaptable to our demands and an attentive working partner overall.”

The U-value of the building's climate shell is a 0.35 W/m²K. The U-value is a measure of how well a building's envelope, or climate shell, can resist heat transfer. A lower U-value indicates better insulation, which means that the building will require less energy for heating and cooling. The building has a primary energy use of 40.9 kWh/m². This means that the building requires 40.9 kWh of primary energy per square meter of floor area per year. The primary energy use includes all the energy used for heating, cooling, lighting, and appliances in the building. We are pleased to share that this is below the client`s and local requirements of 42.0 kWh/m².

We look forward to continuing to prioritize manufacturing efficiencies of modular building designs, sustainability and energy efficiencies in all our future projects.



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