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Management Buyout of Innovative Prefabricated Timber and Hybrid Module Producer unveils New Horizons in European Real Estate Market!

Hamburg / Riga, 2nd February 2024 – SIA Nordic Homes, established in 2010 in Latvia, a pioneering force in the sustainable construction industry delivering yearly up to 15.000 m2 of living space and renowned for its innovative approach to prefabricated timber and hybrid module buildings, delivering flexibility with “follow the architect’s vision” approach, is excited to announce a significant development in its trajectory.

A strategic management buyout from previous owner - NCH Group of Funds has positioned the company to revolutionize the European real estate market, offering a beacon of hope amid challenges of soaring building costs, inflated land prices, labyrinthine bureaucratic processes, and unfavorable financing conditions.

This landmark initiative marks a pivotal moment for Nordic Homes as it embarks on a transformative journey under new shareholders and a fresh strategic vision – to redefine the pre-fabrication limits, cost efficiencies combined with flexibility and usage of sustainable materials.

At the helm of this groundbreaking shift is Kaspars Senvalds and Markus Gildner, whose expertise and strategic ingenuity promise to steer Nordic Homes toward new heights. This management buyout signifies a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and accessibility within the industry: "Our goal is to revolutionize the European real estate market by offering flexible, sustainable, cost-effective, and high-quality prefabricated modules”. Nordic Home's design process is based on digital-twin technology that presents a solution to streamline construction processes, reducing building costs and minimizing environmental impact through sustainable practices.


About Nordic Homes:

Nordic Homes is a prefabricated timber frame and hybrid module and panel manufacturer from Latvia. Since 2010 Nordic Homes has delivered more than 52.000+ m2 of gross leasable area of multistorey buildings in student accommodation, residential and hotel sectors in Sweden, UK, Iceland, Germany and Faroe Islands.  Nordic Homes has a focus on delivering projects “following the architect’s vision” with flexibility in mind and commitment to high quality at sustainable pricing.

About NCH Group of Funds:

NCH (est. 1993) has over 3 billion USD of capital under management across four investment disciplines: listed equity, real estate, agribusiness and private equity. NCH investors include leading university endowments, corporate and state pension funds, foundations and family investment offices.

About Markus Gildner:

As an entrepreneur, Markus Gildner has been involved in the development and cost-efficient implementation of complex projects, as well as the transfer of high technology into marketable products, for more than 30 years.

“As a building contractor and investor, I have been solving problems for public sector since 2010, especially when it comes to special requirements and the living of people in special life situations.”

About Kaspars Senvalds:

Kaspars has been leading Nordic Homes for the last 4 years, overcoming the Covid-19 crisis, Ukraine-Russia war related issues with supply chains and steering through the high inflation, high interest rate environment today.

„I believe in combining strategic guidance and hands-on input as a leadership approach, or in other words - leading by example. That is the key to successful delivery of product that is appreciated by the end customer!"



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