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Nordic Homes Annual Tree Planting Event

In today's world, sustainability is not merely a buzzword but a way of life. Businesses across the globe are realizing the importance of giving back to the environment that has provided them with so much.

Nordic Homes, a company specializing in constructing timber frame modules and panels for hotels, multi-story buildings, and more, has recognized the need to give back to the environment. Every year, we organize a tree-planting event to give back to nature a small part of what we have used in our buildings.

The event's introduction was made by SG Capital, the largest sustainability-focused real estate investment manager in Latvia. Their presence highlighted the importance of the event and emphasized the significance of sustainability in real estate development. This partnership demonstrated how the corporate sector is uniting for a common goal of sustainability.

This time, on a day with a beautiful and sunny weather and with helping hands of our colleagues and guests, we managed to plant a good number of 3,000 spruce seedlings. The job certainly took some effort from the participants and in the end of planting everyone felt a rewarding feeling mixed with pleasant tiredness.

Thomas and CG from GT Modulhus AB, shared their experience with us:

"We would like to send you a great and warm thank you for a most enjoyable day

in the forest. So well organized and what a delicious lunch you treated us to after the hard work.

It will certainly be a day to remember, and we are both looking forward to revisiting

it in a few years to see the result of the day's input. Also, from the company's

perspective, we believe that Nordic Homes was making a sincere statement in

line with its business - no trees, no houses!"

We are very grateful to our clients from Iceland, Sweden, and the Netherlands who joined us in this event. Your participation strengthens our shared commitment to environmental responsibility.



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